About Us

Because you are one our fans and followers with all you bear of emotions, love,
feelings, memories, mystery, fun or romance, and sometimes your hobbies are
sports, trips, or writing poetry, and you may be a leadership figure/ personality, a
dreamy figure/ personality, a peaceful personality, or other personalities .
Because of that we thought to setting up/ establishing A’omarni.com /
O2morny.com and launching it on social media on 4/4/2017.
Because our passion is your happiness, and there is nothing that can please you,
return you to beautiful memories, be a messenger of love, or show your personality
better than perfumes.
And from our start, we always add new perfumes from the original ones for men,
and the new original perfumes for women.
Because the fans and lovers of perfumes are distinguished and have special
interests, we created a blog for them on the website containing articles about
perfumes and information about the story of each brand and soon we will add
information about some of the perfumers, and the name will be (the nose is behind
the creation of the fragrance), and in the articles we answer most of what concerns
the perfume lovers like (how you can buy a perfume via online and how can you
know is it original or fake.
You will find through the website that we are distinguished from others by
providing information about each fragrance and it fits in which period of the year?,
as well as who is the person who can use this perfume, by that you can choose your
perfume yourself.
And our future vision for our activity is that we will be a site specialized in original
perfumes and fashion (clothes - cosmetics - shoes - bags - sunglasses - watches) in
order to complete your elegance with us
Also, one of things that we distinguish is the work team that is distinguished by
integrity, intelligence and energy, and they have nice interests such as the love of
character analysis, and some of them love drawing, some of them love reading
novels, and some of them love sports, so you will find that they are like you a lot
when you deal with them.
We are distinguished by being always by your side in most social occasions
because we record the birthday of the customer or one of his relatives and on this
day the customer will have a special discount, and also in the month of November
we make very big discounts and offers and this event we call (Golden Friday).
We are, as founders, have a great passion for perfumes for more than 17 years, and
we are always developing the website and the company to satisfies you.
As for the story of the name (O2morny), the way of this selection was very
interesting and strange, so we would like to mention it.
In January 2017, we were thinking about choosing the name, one of the founders
was sitting in a cafe with his friends and he was talking to them about the idea of
the company and the goal of it which is that we want to say to the customer to ask
and hope and we are at your service, and that until now we have a distinguished
name, and when they were talking to each other, a young man who works in the
cafe says to them what will you drink? Which means in Arabic O2morny.
Then this person trembled/flounced from his chair, stands and says in a loud voice,
"O2morny" command me.
So behind this name was a young man who works in the café, so the name became
Because the name of the company was a strange and interesting event, we provide
pleasure to you when you choose to visit our website, to find in one of the
perfumes you love an enjoyable and interesting trip that takes you from your place
to another place you wish.
Shop safely with O2morny
With O2morny, stay/be in the original