Athena Saffaran Al Baha Extrait De Parfum For Unisex 100ml


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Degree of concentration : Very high stability
Saffaran Al Baha is a perfume by Athena
This fragrance was released in 2023.
Inspired by Amouage Saffron Hamra
The scent is oriental-floral.

The fourth chapter of the second cycle of Athena’s narrative of her private collection called Arab Cities, is a manifestation of a person’s orientation towards a reflection of their unique originality, it is about liberation from the cages of a society of isolation around people because their realities are often seen as shockingly unconventional.Saffran Al Baha embodies the artist’s ability to reconnect fragments from different times and places. When society is barren, they are able to transport themselves and indulge in a freedom of rebellion comparable to the Roaring Twenties in London, the Eighties in New York and the medieval vanity of Arabs. Desperate for something to fill a void, they synergize with art, culture, and themselves in order to recreate something infinitely indefinable.
Fragrance Notes 
Saffron , Agarwood (Oud) , Cade oil , Leather , Rose , Biscuit